Bekipor® HEPA/ULPA filter media

HEPA and ULPA filtration
Several gas filtration applications demand very high efficiency at the ‘most penetrating particle size’ (MPPS) of 0.1–0.3 µm; up to 99.9995% for a ULPA filter, according to ISO 29463. Applications include nuclear safety filters; ventilation systems and purification of technical gases in semiconductor manufacturing; and clean room ventilation.
Bekipor® fibers are characterized by very fine and consistent diameters, and are heat treated to improve their mechanical strength.

The unique structure of Bekipor® is specifically engineered to enable efficient filtration at low pressure drop, even at the level of very fine sub-micron particles.

Featuring high mechanical strength, thermal stability and chemical resistance, Bekipor® is the recommended media for HEPA and ULPA applications. This multi-layered metal fiber medium is thinner, lighter, and about ten times more permeable than any other metallic HEPA or ULPA solution. The media can be cleaned online, which allows for continuous operation.


Reduced footprint of filter system

Bekipor® media can be pleated, which reduces the size of the entire system. The porosity of the filter can go up to 90%, resulting in a smaller filter. The combination of high porosity and fine fibers enables a low pressure drop, which also leads to a smaller filter.

Efficient filtration

High porosity and permeability of Bekipor® combined with very fine fibers enable efficient filtration at low pressure drop at the level of the finest sub-micron particles.

Long lifetime

High mechanical strength, thermal stability and chemical/corrosion resistance ensure a long filter lifetime. Binder-free media avoids creation of harmful volatile organic compounds (VOCs). A fully welded filter design significantly reduces inspection and maintenance costs.

Proven track record in the nuclear and semiconductor industry

Bekaert metal fibers have been used for the semiconductor industry for more than a decade as point of use (POU) filters and bulk gas filters in semiconductor fabs. Furthermore, they have been used as safety filters in the nuclear industry for more than 30 years, for example in nuclear power plants when the environment is hot and corrosive, and as a breather filter for nuclear waste.


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