Bekipor® HEPA/ULPA medical filter media

HEPA and ULPA medical filtration
High Efficiency Particulate Air (HEPA) filters based on Bekaert’s Bekipor® HA metal fiber media are highly effective in filtering out exhaled bio-aerosols containing the COVID-19 virus. When integrated into a reusable facemask, they provide an effective and sustainable way to keep the air we breathe virus-free.
Traditional applications of Bekipor® HA are in the nuclear and semiconductor industries where metal fiber filtration is able to realize log 9 filter ratings. We also provide material for HEPA filters for medical applications (e.g. ventilation and HVAC equipment in hospitals) and in HEPA filters for air circulation in transport applications (e.g. HVAC systems in passenger cars, planes etc.).

Since the start of the COVID-19 crisis, Bekaert has been collaborating with a number of companies throughout the world to realize customized clean air applications using Bekipor® HA, to ensure that the air we breathe is virus-free.
virus-free air filtration medical HEPA


Ensuring reusability

Metallic fiber based facemasks are 100% reusable after sterilization in a standard autoclave. This can happen in situ, thus avoiding time and costs of transportation to a sterilization facility.

Incorporating antiviral agents

Metals and alloys with antiviral properties (e.g. silver, copper, bronze) can be used in the metallic fiber media, or the fibers can serve as a substrate for antiviral coatings.

Providing permeability

Metallic filter media fully comply with the breathability norms. Facemasks incorporating metallic fiber media are thus as comfortable to wear as any other facemasks.

Proven track record in the nuclear and semiconductor industry

Bekaert metal fibers have been used for the semiconductor industry for more than a decade as point of use (POU) filters and bulk gas filters in semiconductor fabs. Furthermore, they have been used as safety filters in the nuclear industry for more than 30 years, for example in nuclear power plants when the environment is hot and corrosive, and as a breather filter for nuclear waste.

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