Bekipor® hot gas filter media

Hot gas
More stringent EU legislation to reduce particle emissions is increasing the demand for hot gas filtration media. Features include heat resistance to 1000°C, corrosion resistance, and high flow rate. Examples include gas filtration, coal gasification, calcination, powder processing, Fluid Catalytic Cracking (FCC), catalyst recovery, and nuclear (pyrolysis).
Bekipor® hot gas filter media display high porosity and temperature resistance up to 1000°C, making them excellent for the filtration of hot gases in demanding applications.

Its unique structure enables efficient filtration at high operating pressures. The media can be offered in a self-supporting version, so there is no need for an internal support structure.

To meet the quality, productivity, handling and maintenance requirements of your hot gas filtration elements, Bekipor® is available in a number of different alloys, such as 316L, Inconel® 601, Alloy HR and Fecralloy®, as well as various porosities. Full customization to your specific requirements is possible.
Cross section of Bekipor filtration media
Cross section of Bekipor® filtration media.


Efficient filtration at high flow rates

Extremely high porosity and a unique structure enables efficient sub-micron filtration at high operating pressure.

Small footprint

A good fit with existing filtration systems means you can fit elements made with Bekipor® media into the space needed for an existing baghouse filter installation.

High temperature and corrosion resistance

Temperature resistance up to 1000°C is combined with high corrosion resistance. This makes metal fibers excellent for filtration of hot gases in demanding applications. Cleaning gases at a high temperature also improves energy efficiency of the system since there is no loss of energy.

Easy cleanability offline and online

Bekipor® filters can be cleaned in place to reduce maintenance time and costs and give long on-stream life. Their high permeability supports efficient cleaning in place. Moreover, Bekipor® can be cleaned offline.


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