Fuel and lube oil filtration media

Bekaert Marine and lube oil filtration media
Legislation introduced on 1 January 2020 reduces the permissible value for the sulphur content in marine fuel from 3.5% to 0.5%. However, low-sulphur fuel leads to an increase in catalyst (cat) fines, which are harmful to the engine. Metal fiber filtration media remove cat fines – and are also used to filter engine lube oil, automotive fuel, and rocket fuel.
Bekipor® is a porous 3D web of sintered stainless steel fibers. It can be used as monolayer or graded structure to filter fuel and lube oil. Being a flexible medium, Bekipor® can be pleated and welded to enable a compact and efficient design.

Metal fiber media are superior to competing products such as cellulose, glass fiber and woven wire mesh because metal fibers produce no downstream shedding, and are also anti-static. Metal fiber media are more permeable than wire mesh media at a given efficiency.

Our media are cleanable in-place, and recyclable. High-quality 316L stainless steel is mainly used, but other alloys are possible.


High filtration efficiency and performance under high stress and vibrations

Bekipor® keeps fuel and lube oil clean to protect engine components against wear and to reduce maintenance. The absence of a binder means no deterioration of filter performance through degradation, and no particle shedding to actively contaminate the oil in the hydraulic system.

Efficient dissipation of static

Fuel flowing at high velocity through a pipe can create electrostatic charges, which need to be dissipated to avoid sparks in the system. Bekipor® is entirely made out of stainless steel and dissipates these charges with ease.

Increased filter lifetime

High-quality stainless steel with good thermal and mechanical resistance, as well as on-stream and offline cleaning, for long filter lifetime.

Compact and efficient design

Existing technologies can be easily replaced by metal fiber media.


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