Polymer filtration media

Polymer filtration

Bekaert filtration media are found in leaf disc, candle and spin pack filters, and stainless steel filter media panels. They are used in filters for continuous and batch polymerization plants. Products that come out of the plastic industry include synthetic fibers, film, non-wovens and chips. Applications include polyamide, viscose, polyesters, polyaramids, PP, PE, PC and many other polymers.

Bekaert offers a complete portfolio for all filter types in the polymer filtration industry, with fiber diameters from 1.5 µm to 100 µm. Bekipor® ST is the most reliable stainless steel sintered fiber filtration media available.

The multiple different compositions available guarantee you the best media fit for your application.

Its high porosity gives you the longest on-stream life as well as the best results in terms of product quality and cleanability of your filter elements.

Its robustness allows the Bekipor® ST media to be used in different shapes, pleated or not, without affecting the filtration characteristics.


Long on-stream lifetime with more cleaning cycles

Methods for cleaning media include the safe and easy-to-use HYPOX and TEG polymer removal systems.

High dirt-holding capacity

This high porosity, high strength medium offers an extremely high dirt-holding and gel shearing capacity.

Finest filtration rate

Bekipor® meets the highest filtration requirements for the high-end polymer market for products such as optical film.

Easily pleatable

We can make customized media for your different applications. Our media shows excellent retention of bubble point (BBP) after pleating.


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