Post-tensioning strands

post-tensioning strands
Achieve a 100-year design life Bekaert’s uncoated or galvanized post-tensioning strands. These steel seven wire strands are the ideal component for large post-tensioned concrete structures such as bridges, parking structures and high-rise buildings. Bekaert post-tensioning strands are produced in compliance with ASTM, EN, ISO, PTI and FIB standards. 

Superior corrosion resistance

Corrosion is one of the major cause of failure in post-tensioned structures. Galvanized and zinc-aluminium alloyed coatings ( Bezinal®, Bezinal®3000 ) post-tensioning strands by Bekaert combine excellent mechanical properties with advanced corrosion protection. Moreover all strands can be HDPE sheathed.

► Chloride Tolerance
The chloride tolerance of galvanized reinforcement is >10x higher than black steel delaying the onset of steel corrosion significantly.

► Carbonation Tolerance
The pH around black steel can drop to <11.5 su causing it to depassivate. Galvanized coatings can maintain passivation, by keeping the pH down to 8 su.

Developing your business together

As a global leader in wire transformation and coating technologies, Bekaert has the ability to collaborate with clients and end users to develop unique solutions for innovative post tensioning technologies. We have experience in working with owners, design engineers, and construction contractors to reduce cost, increase safety, manage environmental impact, and extend the overall life cycle of your structure through product innovation.

Choose your options

Bekaert offers uncoated or class A  coated srands ( Zinc, Bezinal®, Bezinal®3000 ) with high tensile strength up to 2260 Mpa ( 325 KSI ). There is also 7-wire compacted strand available for optimal breaking load / diameter combinations.


  • Superior corrosion resistance
  • High tensile strength
  • ASTM, PTI & FIB compliant
  • Reliable, just-in-time delivery


Precast elements
Concrete floor decks
Concrete bridges


wires Strand & Ropes
Coating Zinc, Bezinal®
Number of Wires 2 - 5, 6-12
  • better together

    Situation You want to apply innovative solutions tailored to your projects

    Solution We analyze possibilities and come with economical solutions

    Result Save money and time during construction

  • better together

    Situation Want to create long aesthetical walls and avoid movement joints

    Solution Applying Brickforce® allows me to double my joint distance

    Result With Brickforce® masonry reinforcement I can create new and exciting masonry wall design

  • better together

    Situation Customer demand for compact boiler design through a total solution.

    Solution Joint development of an environment-friendly burner system.

    Result Customers improve their competitiveness.

  • better together

    Situation We need a safe solution and huge monthly volumes

    Solution Via tests in the Bekaert lab, we worked out the required fiber mix with the lowest cost to serve our customers

    Result Cost efficiency must not be a compromise on quality

  • better together

    Situation Skiers count on safety when they go up the mountain

    Solution In close cooperation Bekaert developed superior quality wires that meet the technical customer requirements of ropeway constructors

    Result The customer handles the production of the cables, but also on-site weaving (or splicing) and installation. The cables have a life expectancy up to 40 years