This very compact monobloc aluminum heat
exchanger is available in capacities of 20 and 30 kW and can support any modulation range. With its small dimensions, it is perfectly suitable for use in compact, wall hung boilers. It provides a high output to comply with the latest requirements for use in residential condensing boilers. The Alumini® is an aluminum casted monobloc. 

The heat exchanger is casted, so there are no internal gaskets required. It has a fully water cooled combustion chamber design and therefore no ceramic insulation is needed. It has large and simple water channels resulting in low hydraulic resistance. They reduce your risk of clogging and scaling.

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  • Designed as a complete heat solution with our Furinit® burner
  • High modulation range and low pneumatic resistance
  • High output range in compact housing


The Alumini® can be combined with a Furinit® burner. The furinit burner is the most compact, premix gas burner using specific shape features in combination with the Bekinit® material. It is especially designed for compact combustion chambers with limited space.