Submarine tension wire

Bekaert offers customized tension wires for the production of submarine telecom cables. The bright, high carbon steel wires feature low elongation and excellent crush resistance, providing a strong shell that protects the optical fiber unit from the marine environment. The high flexibility of the wires makes them particularly suited for small diameter/bend radius applications.

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Experience in producing offshore applications

Bekaert has longstanding experience in providing a wide range of products for the offshore industry. Whether it concerns power transmission, oil extraction, gas mining, or even telecommunications, Bekaert products are key contributors to sustainable, safer and more cost-effective operations.

Meeting your production needs

The wires are available in different packaging. The different coil types allow the wire to be easy unwound and formed without getting damaged in the process. This results in higher output and a significant reduction in waste. 





  • Long service-life in marine environments
  • Suitable for small diameter/bend radius applications
  • Good processability
  • Delivery flexibility


Shape Wire
Bulk Material C-steel
Coating None
Number of Wires 13-37