Hoisting crane rope wire

Bekaert wire for hoisting, traction and carrier ropes is based on high quality, high carbon alloys and produced mainly to customers’ specifications. We offer flexible service and delivery. We can produce any order, regardless of its complexity.

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Essential safety and reliability

Our wire for hoisting and dynamic rope applications has the essential features for optimal and safe performance. It has high tensile strength, high breaking strength, superior fatigue life and excellent resistance to crushing and abrasion.

Superior ductility

The wire features a smooth surface, consistent dimensions and exceptional ductility. The combination of these properties leads to longer fatigue life at the rope level. The helps simplify each step of your production process.

Flexible and reliable delivery

Bekaert is one of the few suppliers who able to supply the full diameter range of rope wires. We can meet any order, no matter how demanding the specifications or how narrow the tolerances.

Long life

Bekaert offers the right coating ( Zinc, Bezinal® and Bezinal®3000 ) for crane operation in corrosive environments.



  • Equipment
  • Machine constructions
  • Tools
  • Wire for hoisting ropes for building cranes/tower cranes
  • Wire for hoisting ropes for mobile/telescopic cranes
  • Wire for hoisting ropes for crawler cranes
  • Wire for hoisting ropes for mobile harbour cranes
  • Wire for hoisting ropes for overhead container cranes (ship to shore cranes)
  • Wire for hoisting ropes for rope hoists (industrial cranes/overhead cranes)
  • Wire for ropes for A&R winches
  • Wire for heavy crane rope


  • Reliable, high performance
  • Longer service-life
  • Less maintenance
  • Ensures a safe operation


Shape Wire
Bulk Material C-steel
Coating Bezinal® , None, Zinc
Number of Wires more than 1000