Mining rope wire (underground and open-pit mining)

Bekaert offers an extensive range of high carbon, rope wire for both compacted and non-compacted mining ropes. The wire is corrosion resistant and has an optimal breaking load. With our flexible production, we can customize the properties of the wire to your project. Our standard wire range is produced according to EN-10264-2 and EN-10264-3 specifications.

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Optimal breaking load

The failure of a mining rope poses a serious risk to mining workers, winding equipment and the mining shaft itself. In order to cope with the mine’s harsh environment, Bekaert’s mining rope wire is created with an optimal breaking load. It is ideal for ropes used at extreme depths. Bekaert also offers a wide range of coatings including phosphate, zinc, Bezinal® and Bezinal®3000 to have the best solution for the specific corrosive environment of the mine.

Bekaert offers as well bright phospated and coated ( Zinc, Bezinal®, Bezinal®3000 ) large X-shaped wires for half locked ropes being used in the mines. ( e.g. guiding ropes )

Smooth production

Its consistent dimensions and high ductility enable a smooth forming process and high wear resistance of the rope itself. Our standard wire range is produced according to EN-10264-2 and EN-10264-3 specifications. However, because of our flexible production, we can meet any specific requirements.  We offer a wide range of wire diameters and customizable options. Service and support is available from our global team of experts.



  • Machine constructions
  • Wire for mine shaft rope (= hoists & balance ropes)(underground mining)
  • Wire for haulage ropes being used in mining (underground mining)
  • Wire for shovel ropes (open-pit mining)
  • Wire for ropes for excavators, draglines (open-pit mining)


  • Optimal fatigue properties
  • Smooth forming process
  • Long service-life
  • Suitable for exploitation ropes


Shape Wire
Bulk Material C-steel
Coating Bezinal® , Zinc, None
Number of Wires 100-1000