Drive performance with durable Syncrocord® Timing Belts Cord

Your machinery needs to run smoothly and efficiently. We know that precision is key in mechanical applications. That's why we've developed a high-performance, long-life fine cord specifically designed for use as a tension member in Thermoplastic Polyurethane (TPU) timing belts. Polyurethane timing belts are used in conveying and lifting applications for precise movement and positioning of products. They are also essential for power transmission, transferring power through the rotary motion of one part of a machine to another, and for linear positioning where high accuracy is required. Our timing belts cord helps ensure your machinery operates reliably with minimal maintenance, boosting both productivity and uptime.

Performs reliably and efficiently, for longer

Our fine cords for timing belts deliver unmatched performance and durability across various industries.

Crafted to reinforce TPU timing belts, they provide superior durability, maintaining tension and preventing slippage. Whether you need them for high-speed operations or precise motion control, our versatile timing belts cord meets a range of needs with exceptional performance and reduced environmental impact. 

Our cords are made to last, reducing the frequency of replacements and ensuring your machinery operates reliably with minimal maintenance. By providing strength and rigidity, they significantly increase the lifetime of your equipment, making them the top choice for reliability and efficiency.

Longer life with precise engineering

Boost the longevity and reliability of your machinery with our fine cords. They’re engineered to offer extended belt life and consistent performance.

  • Our cords significantly reduce the risk of belt failure, which can lead to costly downtime. This ensures continuous operation and extends the lifespan of the belts.

  • You’ll deal with fewer adjustments and calibrations, maintaining consistent performance across all your operations.

High spec timing belts cord for every job

Innovation is at the core of every cord we produce. We specifically design our fine cords for timing belts to adapt perfectly to the operational demands they’ll face.

  • Each cord is engineered to meet precise industrial specifications, improving the performance and reliability of timing belts in applications ranging from automotive to heavy machinery.

  • Our expert team collaborates closely with you from the initial design through to production, ensuring that every timing belt is optimized for its specific application.

Less waste, more efficient, more sustainable

Choose our fine cords and support a sustainable manufacturing future without compromising on efficiency.

  • Our durable cords are designed to increase the lifespan of timing belts, significantly cutting down on waste and reducing the frequency of replacements.

  • Our cords help decrease the overall energy consumption of the machinery they are part of. Optimized transmission efficiency means more energy-efficient production environments.

Full support, flexible logistics

Our commitment extends beyond product delivery, ensuring full technological support and flexibility for new (co-)developments.

  • Our full product portfolio meets all your needs.

  • Fast delivery and stock availability in key regions.

  • We’re always close to you – ensuring direct contact wherever you’re located

  • Enjoy supply chain security through triple production sites and robust warehousing.



  • Reduced scrap and smooth processing for enhanced operational efficiency from outstanding product stability.
  • Reliable, long-lasting use delivered by exceptional strength, adhesion, and corrosion resistance for reliable, long-lasting use.
  • Sets the standard for high performance in the industry.


Shape Cord - rope - strand
Coating Brass, Zinc, Other polymer
Number of Wires 6-12, 13-37
F 0.4%
Vibration and shock dampening
High speed resistance
T° and environment resistance
Meets stringent European and North American standards
Aids in meeting CO2 reduction and environmental goals