Hose coupling wire

Bekaert retainer ring wire is a tailor-made steel profile. We supply round, square or rectangle sections.  The wire can be custom-made to meet any size and dimension.  Compared to stamped rings, steel profiles produce less scrap during the manufacturing process.

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Simplifies your production process

Choosing Bekaert ferrule wire has many advantages for your production process. The profile has a consistent internal structure and a narrow tensile range. This enables a smooth forming process that needs only few machine settings. The edges of the profile remain smooth after forming. This means less scrap during the production process, even on larger diameters.

Less machine changeovers

Bekaert retainer ring wire is available on coils of up to 1000kg. The size of the coils means less machine changeovers and higher production efficiencies.

Custom-made to your design

We can meet any designer requirements. Wires can be oil-tempered, patented and annealed to get the right tensile strength and hardness for your product.

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  • Resists high pressure
  • Reduces processing costs and time
  • Generates less steel scrap
  • Reduces inventory


Shape Complex
Number of Wires 1