Retainer Ring Wires

Retainer rings, often called circlips, coil rings and section rings, are specialty fasteners designed for shafts and bores. Wire retaining rings fit into a groove and function as a stabilizer or shim for connected components, reducing vibration and ensuring components stay secure. At Bekaert, we manufacture custom shaped wires for the manufacture of retaining rings.


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  1. Retainer Ring Wire Features
  2. The Advantages of Wire Retaining Rings
  3. Why Choose Bekaert for Your Retaining Ring Wire?
  4. Get in Touch With Bekaert for Custom Retaining Rings
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Retainer Ring Wire Features

Bekaert's custom steel profiling techniques — cold-rolling and cold-drawing — support a wide-range of retainer ring designs. We process several steel grades: High-carbon, CrSi, and stainless steels. Other features of retainer ring wire include:

  • Internal and external wire designs.
  • Trapezoidal, “step” profiles, round, flat wire and rectangular cross-sections.
  • Standard and custom sizing options.
  • Multiple heat-treatment options: Oil-tempered, Induction hardened & tempered, annealed and patented inlet wire options. We can achieve the correct tensile strength and hardness for your fasteners. 

The Advantages of Wire Retaining Rings

Retainer ring wires from Bekaert offer benefits to many manufacturers, regardless of industry.

Consistency Across Your Applications

Our shaping process, steel grades and heat treatments provide consistent and repeatable results. When you turn to us for large orders of wire retaining rings, you can expect every piece to meet project specifications. 

Efficiency For Your Workflow

Multiple packaging options are available to maximize your production. Packaging options include spools, coils, bar lengths and exact cut pieces. We can work with your team to determine the best packaging method for your manufacturing workflow. 

Size Range

Bekaert offers the widest range of shaped wires in the industry. The consistent internal structure and tensile strength offer durability and sturdiness for a range of applications. Our team offers various standard sizes, but we're capable of more turnkey designs upon request. Contact us for larger profiles and unique geometries.

We'll Work With You To Create Your Perfect Solution

We always take a collaborative approach with our design and development to keep your team included in our processes. Co-development is valuable for meeting project specifications to a close degree and regulating the quality of the project at its different stages. When you're involved, you can trust you're getting the custom retaining rings you need for your application.

Our dedication to co-development is why many manufacturers partner with us for project needs in the long term. Our expertise and resources speak for themselves, and our co-development exemplifies our commitment to you and your success. 

Why Choose Bekaert for Your Retaining Ring Wire?

Bekaert has been making retaining ring profiles for over 50 years. Our first customer is still an active customer. Our experienced team of Process Engineers and Metallurgists, quality-certified facility and advanced equipment work together for you to manufacture retaining ring wires that meet your customer’s specifications.

We are dedicated to customer service. Our processes lead to cost-effective solutions for your manufacturing operation. Fast turnaround times ensure you get the wire you need, when you need it. Pre-production prototyping allows you to confirm your fastener's performance before series production begins. We also apply industry-accepted testing processes to confirm the validity of our products.

Bekaert favors co-development opportunities if you are seeking a reliable manufacturing partnership. We have been in business for over 140 years, and we look forward to becoming your trusted partner in steel profiles. 

Get in Touch With Bekaert for Custom Retaining Rings

With our decades of experience, dedication to customer service and advanced methods, we can deliver wire retaining rings for your projects. Our retainer rings will perform according to your applications through corrosion-resistant coatings and processes like cold-drawing. Enjoy long-term wear and reduced costs with the Bekaert team. 

Trust Bekaert as your manufacturing partner, and contact us today. You can also call our team at +1 330-683-5060 to get started! 



  • Allows a consistent forming process
  • Allows large dimensions and sizes
  • Requires fewer changes in machine settings
  • Minimizes changeovers and maximize production efficiency


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