Green Tech

Environmental protection is a key element in Bekaert’s R&D policy. Many developments and improvements in products and processes are the result of our quest for cleaner technologies and rational energy use.

To name a few, we manufacture super and ultra-tensile steel cord that answers the need for light-weight materials in cars, stainless steel wedge wires used for oil and water filtration, cable armoring solutions for green power transmission, low energy consuming paper & board drying systems, sawing wire for cutting polysilicon wafers for solar panels, and substitutes for solvent-based coatings.

better together for a cleaner world is one of Bekaert’s ambitions: we continuously strive to use fewer materials, bring down our energy consumption and reduce waste. And we do develop new, eco-friendlier production processes for our plants worldwide. With our ‘New Environmental Technologies’ project that was launched in 2011, we build up knowledge and expertise in environmental technologies and thereby boost the environmental performance of plants worldwide.

We also help our customers improve their production processes. Among other things, we developed coatings for our wires that eliminate production steps at the customers’ sites, making their processes cheaper. For certain applications we applied ternary alloy coatings that eliminate the use of certain materials by our customers, helping them making their processes cleaner too.