​​Bekaert’s innovative minds receive the Bekaert Technology & Innovation Awards

Behind Bekaert’s products and services, in one way or another, we have countless colleagues creating innovation and technology breakthroughs. Our pioneering spirit has been guiding us over 140 years and we believe it’s important to take a moment to shine a spotlight on the outstanding contributions that our teams around the globe are delivering in this space, and to reward the incredible work that they are doing. This is why we created the Bekaert Technology & Innovation Awards.  

Whether we are solving a problem for a customer, improving our production or internal processes, or looking at new innovations, our efforts in technologies and innovation play a crucial role in our priorities as a business. 

An award ceremony was organized in our HQ offices in Belgium on 23 May. We were honored to welcome all 18 carefully selected finalists for 2024, who were competing in 6 categories:

Innovation categories

The Innovation categories reward teams that have developed new products, solutions or services that offer new benefits and perspectives to our customers and have the potential to grow and transform our business.

  • Business model: puts the spotlight on a project that allows to further diversify Bekaert’s offering beyond the products themselves.
  • Product: crowns an addition to our portfolio that has a clear customer benefit, growth potential, and allows us to further establish the new possible.
  • Sustainability: focuses on a project that helps customers to reach their sustainability objectives. 

Technology categories

The Technology categories look at how our teams have put technology to use to enhance our manufacturing and business processes.

  • Efficiency: honors a project where introducing technology impacts the efficiency of our processes, brings additional value to the company, and is replicable across various sites.
  • Safety: rewards a technology project that has allowed us to increase safety for our collaborators and considers both its local and global impact. 
  • Sustainability: goes to a project that, using technology, has a positive impact on our environmental footprint.

Additionally, regardless of the category, the jury evaluated the projects based on how they were managed in terms of boldness, cross functionality, cross organizational collaboration, and customer engagement.

An additional award was dedicated to Intellectual Property and recognized the efforts made in the patent space for the past two years.

The winners were agreed through an in-depth scoring process with the Technology & Innovation Council members and the Bekaert Group Executive. With some of the winning projects, our colleagues have already been able to gain visibility and traction with customers. Among these are:

Technology and innovation are key to Bekaert's history and future success.

Ernst Lutz

Chief Technology Officer

Ernst Lutz, Chief Technology & Innovation Officer: “I want to thank not only our winners and finalists but all the people within Bekaert who have been, day in day out, relentlessly working to establish the new possible. Our efforts in the technology and innovation space have played a key role in the history and success of Bekaert. Today, we are channeling this spirit into sustainable growth via innovative solutions & services guided by the megatrends such as e-mobility, the green energy shift, digitalization, and urbanization. We will continuously explore ways to innovate in all areas of the business and can rely on our fantastic teams around the world.” 

The Bekaert Technology and Innovation Awards had already been organized in the past years with a different set up and we are now looking to turn it into a yearly event for the recognition of Bekaert’s innovative talents.