Ampact™- Wired to power up high-voltage mobility

While electrical vehicles (EV) drive sustainable mobility, their driving range and charging time remains restricted by traditional technologies. Until now. Meet Ampact™, our PEEK insulated copper magnet wire designed for stators in high-voltage e-motors (800V and beyond). Whether you go for hairpin or other types of wave winding, Ampact™ helps you to secure the extra mile while saving design and assembly time, energy and valuable resources. 

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About Bekaert PEEK insulated magnet wire

With the goal of reducing charging times and extending driving range, the automotive industry is moving towards + 800-volt battery driven vehicles. It allows producers to put more power in the same motor or the same power in smaller motors. However, this evolution creates some major technical challenges to all the components in today's electric drivetrains. Such as the stator and the electric windings.

To help you realize improved efficiency in stator design, we have transformed high-quality copper wire into rectangular shapes which enables sharper twisting and bending when it’s transformed into a hairpin wire. Thanks to its high-performing PEEK coated insulation and its advanced winding path characteristics,  Ampact™  magnet wire… 

  • guarantees higher copper density and higher power output
  • allows for very demanding bending and twisting (such as hairpin formation)
  • enables a fast, efficient, fully automated assembly and winding process
  • allows more effective cooling because of resistance to cooling oils
  • guarantees less energy losses and related heat dissipation

PEEK, a new alternative to enamel!

High-voltage drivetrains demand higher chemical, thermal, electrical, and mechanical capacities of the magnet wire used in the stator of the e-motor. To meet these new requirements and extend the lifetime of the copper winding wire, we replaced the traditional insulation with an innovative polyetheretherketone or PEEK-coating. The thin coating (100-200µm on average) is applied in one extrusion step using a single layer, which helps you save plenty of time during the production process. Additionally, the extruded coating …

  • increases the fill factor which boosts powertrain performance and efficiency
  • has higher insulation power (= less corona sensitive)
  • doesn’t crack when bent in extreme positions
  • allows for a defect-free usage in mission-critical 800V-applications 

Less Green House Gases

We help you shift to the next gear of both innovation and sustainability. Ampact™  winding wire is built not only to perform in extreme motor environments. Also during the production and end-of-life recycle process it has strong credentials.

Firstly, unlike the multi-step application process of conventional enamel coatings, the PEEK coating is applied in one single step and therefore significantly more energy-efficient. 

Next, the coating process is solvent-free. By eliminating harmful solvents, we put the brakes on NOx gasses associated with enamel coatings. PEEK coating also offers excellent end-of-life recyclability thanks to its thermoplastic characteristics. Additionally, because of PEEK's higher insulation power you need less insulation material. All of this contributes towards reducing the total carbon footprint.

Smaller stators - less copper, same power, lower cost

Without affecting the wire's conductivity, Ampact™ PEEK-insulated magnet wire allows you to make sharper and shorter bends which saves space. Because of the high insulation power of the PEEK-coating, the wire thickness can be made thinner. This not only saves on the cost of copper, but it also allows you to make the stator smaller and lighter which in turn leads to lower cost. 

So, as an OEM you can have the best of both worlds:

  • Either you build the same size stator (equal overall dimensions) and you will have more performant engines.
  • Or you build equally performant engines that have smaller stators (smaller overall dimensions and smaller copper amount). Due to the 800V use, the equally performant engines (power output that is) can still be more efficient due to lower energy losses.

Ready to scale up your production worldwide

Bekaert is an established global supplier of solutions for the automotive market. Because of our global footprint we are able to install capacity worldwide and adhere to all the quality labels and standards (IATF, IEC, etc.). Due to our well-established relationships and agreements with a handpicked set of copper suppliers we offer you piece of mind by securing constant supply. 



  • Higher power density
  • Extended driving range
  • Fewer Green House Gases
  • Flexible and easy to process
  • Saving design & assembly time
  • High-performing resistance to cooling oils

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