WWD Hands-on expertise in Poland to build your anti-hail system

Setting up a good structure is crucial but sometimes challenging to get started. However, consulting the right partner can save a lot of time and money. Like at our Polish partner WWD, they assist you through the entire installation of the anti-hail system for your orchards and vineyards.

Wytwórnia Wyrobów z Drutu, Poland

Providing premium quality standards for decades

“Our trellising system provides solid protection to harsh weather elements, extreme temperatures, and corrosive fertilizers and pesticides. And for decades, the Bezinal coated wires have been proven to meet this high expectation. The quality of the wires combined with the service and professionalism of the company makes Bekaert a valued partner to our business.”

Martin Pfeiffer and Rupert Matzer,
owners of Fruit Security GmbH, Austria

A competitive and innovative solution for Tendone systems

"Da sempre nei nostri vigneti abbiamo voluto introdurre innovazione al fine di fornire al cliente un prodotto sostenibile e di qualità. Bezinal® filo per vigneti Tendone risponde perfettamente a questi requisiti. A fronte di un costo di impianto simile al filo zincato commerciale, il Bezinal tendone offre indubbi vantaggi in termini di durata e di gestione.

Dott. Dario Brucculeri (sx),
Az. Agricola Golden Grapes, Sicily

Applicable for various types of fruit constructions

"Activ Sp z o. o. is a family business established in 1996 in Poland and active in the crop cultivation industry from the very beginning. Since we are fruit growers ourselves, we very well understand the needs of other fruit producers. Next to growing the fruit trees, we also produce delicious juices from the trees we grow. Since the introduction on the Polish market. It works perfectly in various types of fruit constructions. Our customers choose it because of the high quality of the metallic coating and excellent anti-corrosion properties, as well as optimal parameters of tensile strength. There are cheaper wires available on the market, but if you want to invest in premium quality orchard trellis, the core wire used must be of high quality and durability. Bekaert wire is the one we can entirely rely on.

Activ Sp z o. o., Poland

Fruit grower’s favorite because of easy assembly on the posts

"Hello, I have been using the Bekaert wire for several years because it works very well in the apple orchard. It is characterized by low elongation and high tensile strength. It is flexible, which facilitates its efficient assembly on the posts in the orchard. 
I recommend the assembly of fruit constructions with the wire from the Bekaert company.

Marek Prykiel, Fruit grower Poland