Fruit support and protection wire

As a fruit grower, you know what hard work means. It’s a big investment and one that you want to make fruitful. Whatever fruit you’re growing, your fruits need a decent trellis and protection system in order to produce the best quality possible.

For years, our Bezinal® fruit tensioning and protection wire has proven to provide excellent protection to severe weather elements, extreme temperatures, and corrosive fertilizers and pesticides. With partners in all regions, you can benefit from a fast supply and service.

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Premium quality core for your trellis and protection system, yet a lower cost per hectare

Fruit orchards owners that think long term know it’s essential to invest in a decent structure that remains strong during the entire lifetime of their fruit trellising systems. 

If you want to consider both economic and ecologic aspects, it’s a smart choice to go for a Bezinal® enabled system. Due to its innovative coating solution, you get to benefit from a high tensile strength and super corrosion protection, while having a system that is harmless for your soil and plants. Bezinal® coated solutions will provide you peace of mind in the long run.

Your partner in sustainably growing fruits

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The heavier the fruits, the better trellis and protection system you need

As a fruit owner, your focus is taking care of your fruits. You want to limit the time of maintenance on your trellis or anti-hail systems. Our Bezinal® coated wire is known for its high and consistent tensile strength, and since it’s functioning as the core structure of a trellis or anti-hail system, it’s built to last.

The result of this high tensile strength is that your trellis is less likely to sag and requires a minimum of effort to retain. Next time you have to renew your trellis or choose an anti-hail netting system, ask for a solution that has the Bezinal® coating technology. It will pay off in the long run.

High tensile strength to support your fruit trees in the long run

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No matter what weather, keep fruits safe

Natural hazards: wind, hail, rain, snow but also animals like birds, insects, etc., is what affect your fruit trees the most.

At Bekaert, we have developed a specialized Bezinal® coating solution. Even with a thinner diameter, your trellis can be light yet very strong to protect your entire investment against all-natural elements. Also ideal if you want to attach a drip irrigation system to your frame. Feel free to ask for Bezinal® coated solutions at your local agri-store or contact us.

An anti-hail structure that protects your fruit trees safely against natural hazards

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  • Reliable in all weather conditions
  • Easy and flexible to install and to maintain
  • Superior corrosion resistance