All-round concrete reinforcement solution

The Dramix® steel fiber concrete reinforcement series consists of three different fiber types that each feature different hooked ends and elongation. 

3d fiber

The original anchorage

Dramix® 3D is the cost-efficient fiber for standard concrete structures that are submitted to regular load-bearing and dynamic loadings.
4d fiber

Optimized anchorage

Dramix® 4D provides optimal crack control to concrete structures with high requirements of serviceability.
5d fiber

Ultimate anchorage

Dramix® 5D remains firmly anchored inside the concrete as the wire slowly elongates to compensate stress. This fiber is the perfect solution for structural applications.

Glue technology for three-dimensional reinforcement.

Dramix® steel fibers are bundled with water-soluble glue. The glue helps avoiding fiber balling during mixing and ensures a homogeneous distribution of fibers throughout the concrete mix.

  • A more efficient mixing process
  • Three-dimensional reinforcement
  • No exposed fibers at the concrete surface
  • A homogeneous steel fiber mix

Unlimited by design.

The Dramix® steel fiber concrete reinforcement series enables the building industry to use steel fiber reinforcement in a wide range of new applications.

Whatever your project, Dramix® provides you with the best possible solution.


  • Industrial rafts
  • Residential rafts
  • Shallow foundations
  • Underwater concrete
  • ...
dramix, construction

Industrial Floors

  • Seamless floor
  • Jointless floor
  • Sawcut floor
  • Combi slab
  • ...

Underground Structures

  • Final lining
  • Secondary lining
  • Segmental lining
  • Single shotcrete lining
  • ...
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