Customer stories

Crops, Ooigem, Belgium

Crop's, Belgium
Making drilling chemical
anchor holes easy.

Lammermarkt, The Netherlands
Making the deepest parking garage in the Netherlands 100% watertight. 

Center Parcs, Germany - Dramix   

Center Parcs (Park Allgäu) Germany 
Finishing up to 44 slabs 
in a single week.

General Motors, Arlington, Texas   

General Motors, US
Key ingredient in
record-breaking slab pour.

Winter Circus, Gent, Belgium   

Winter Circus, Belgium 
Supporting an 
ambitious design.

Mina Justa - Dramix 

Mina Justa, Peru
Enabling the construction of the largest seamless floor in South America.

Jaguar Land Rover, Nitra, Slovakia

Jaguar Land Rover, Slovakia
Making complex projects happen through design and job-site support.

Zalando, Lodz, Poland  

Zalando, Poland
Meeting the most 
ambitious deadlines.

PAC, Belgium  

Port Autonome de Charleroi, Belgium
Ensuring an even 
mixing process.

Malouf Sleep, Texas - Dramix  

Malouf Sleep, Midlothian, US
Extending the life-time of 
heavily trafficked warehouse floors.


Aertssen, Verrebroek, Belgium - Dramix  

Aertssen Logistics, Verrebroek, Belgium
Combining Dramix® steel fibers and CCL's post tensioning systems to design the perfect seamless floor.

Coppel Texcoco Mexico - Dramix  

Coppel, Texcoco, Mexico
Extending the life-time of 
heavily trafficked warehouse floors.