SigmaSlab® concrete technology

SigmaSlab - Dramix + CCL PT strands
The SigmaSlab® is a new concrete technology that combines CCL’s post-tensioning strands with Dramix® steel fiber concrete reinforcement. This technology eliminates the need for traditional reinforcement in unbonded, banded-banded post-tensioned concrete slabs, reducing the complexity, time and cost of installation. SigmaSlab® ensures excellent tensile behavior, allowing larger ground slabs with joints that are fewer and farther between.  

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Discover the possibilities 

Click on the video below to watch the first commercial installation of SigmaSlab®: a jointless floor for Aertssen Logistics in Verrebroek, Belgium.  

The advantages of SigmaSlab®

SigmaSlab® combines the benefits of both post-tensioning strands and steel fiber concrete reinforcements. It ensures a robust system, with high crack control while using less steel compared to traditional reinforcement. This results in: 

  • > Reduced maintenance costs 
  • > Optimal crack control 
  • Longer lasting slabs 
  • A lower carbon footprint 
  • More value for money

SigmaSlab - Dramix + CCL PT strands

SigmaSlab - Dramix + CCL PT strands  
SigmaSlab - Dramix + CCL PT strands

Advantages for the designer 

  • > Very flexible form factors 
  • > Robust solution 
  • High load capacity 

Advantages for the contractor

  • > Fast and easy installation 
  • > Fewer operators at the job-site 
  • > Reduced total cost 
  • > Less COemissions. 

Joint innovation 

CCL and Bekaert - SigmaSlab
CCL – Specialized Engineered Solutions for Structures and Bekaert are both leaders in creating more efficient, higher performing solutions for the concrete construction industry. The SigmaSlab® technology is the product of their joint expertise and experience.