Aertssen, Verrebroek, Belgium

Project type:

  • Outside floor (cargo)


  • Seamless floor


  • CCL
  • Delporte & Zonen
  • Owner: Aertssen Logistics

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Aertssen’s new warehouse in Verrebroek, Belgium has a worldfirst commercial SigmaSlab® outside floor. With improved durability, lower maintenance, faster and cheaper construction, and a reduced environmental footprint, the seamless floor withstands constant high traffic.

The challenge


Aertssen stores and moves large
quantities of heavy machinery and
equipment, from excavators and
wheel loaders to windmill blades.
The exterior floor at their Verrebroek
logistics facility therefore has to
be extremely durable and resistant
to continuous heavy-duty traffic.
At the same time, the solution had
to be sustainable, to comply with
Aertssen’s sustainability credentials.



The solution


Delporte executed the first SigmaSlab® floor in the world. SigmaSlab® is a concrete reinforcement technology that combines Dramix® steel fibers with CCL’s post-tensioning strands. The Dramix® 4D steel fibers ensure the structural stability and fatigue resistance of the floor while the post-tensioning strands take up the shrinkage and temperature stresses. The resulting seamless concrete floor was 180 mm thick and measured 130m x 20m. The SigmaSlab® solution uses less steel and concrete than a conventional solution, resulting in a smaller carbon footprint. A year later, no cracks have appeared despite continuous heavy use, which has reduced maintenance and repair costs.