Aertssen, Verrebroek, Belgium


      Project type:
Outside floor (cargo)

Seamless floor

       > Delporte & Zonen
       > Owner: Aertssen Logistics
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Aertssen Logistics needed a durable floor to handle the high volume of vehicular traffic for its new, sustainable and innovative "LG3" logistics hall with a capacity of 22,000 m² of storage space.

The project consists of a fully seamless floor.
What's more: a brand new concrete technology, SigmaSlab®, was executed here in Aertssen for the first time.

SigmaSlab® is a new concrete reinforcement technology that combines CCL’s post-tensioning strands with Dramix® steel fiber concrete reinforcement. Learn all about this new technology here.

Some specifications:
-  A concrete pavement of 180 mm thick with #Dramix 4D 65/60BG and a #CCL post tensioning systems.
-  A seamless outdoor pavement of 110 by 20 m. Two additional slabs of 10 m under a slope were afterwards connected to the main slab. This increased the overall dimensions to 130 m.

... And one year later, the results speak for themselves

In May 2021, #Delporte excuted the first Sigmaslab® floor in the world for the new #Aertssen Logistic centre in Verrebroek.
So, how did the slab perform after a summer, autumn and winter ?


The joints at the two ends of the 130 m are opening as they should. The total contraction of the slab must be around 4 cm. No cracks occured during the past 10 months. So the pavement remains completly seamless.
This proves that the SigmaSlab® flooring system is a robust, durable and sustainable solution for seamless floors, being it outside or inside.

If you want to explore if the SigmaSlab® system would be something for your next project, don't hestitate to contact us.