Steel fiber concrete reinforcement for foundations

steel fiber reinforced concrete foundations Concrete foundations require high structural stability with excellent crack control. Add a calculated dose of Dramix® concrete reinforcement to the mix to achieve the required load-bearing capacity. The fibers reliably support construction loads and bending moments. Dramix® is CE certified.

The ideal component for a solid concrete foundation

Adding Dramix® steel fiber reinforcement to concrete improves the mechanical properties of the basic material, such as toughness, impact resistance, shear strength, flexural strength, and ductility. The tensile strength and anchorage of Dramix® steel fibers are engineered specifically to affect cracks between 0,1 and 0,3 mm, enabling the construction of durable and liquid-tight slabs. Dramix® steel fibers are therefore the ideal reinforcement solution for foundation slabs of various residential buildings such as family houses, apartment blocks, public buildings, and utility buildings. 

Dramix® concrete reinforcement is also used in foundation slabs for heavy-duty and industrial structures when combined with other reinforcement solutions. 

Cut costs with best in class fibers

Dramix® steel fibers offer an easy and cost-effective solution to reduce crack formation. The innovative design of the fibers saves time and money by eliminating mesh and reducing construction time. Depending on the application or concrete thickness, builders can save up to 35% on placement and material costs.

More durable concrete surface

Time saving construction

Lower installation and labor costs


Reliable and recommended technology 

Dramix® conforms to the IAPMO UES standard for concrete reinforcement and fib Model Code 2020 for concrete structures.