In the spotlight:

Design by test approach for Fiber Reinforced Precast Segment

What is design processes are commonly applied to the production of fiber reinforced concrete (FRC) precast segments for underground applications? This white paper discusses these processes in detail and touches on recommended test methods and performance class requirements. 


Determining Characteristic Values for Fiber Reinforced Concrete

The correct determination and use of characteristic values helps to achieve optimum material properties for structural designs incorporating Fiber Reinforced Concrete (FRC). This white paper defines characteristic values for FRC and specifies and compares various methods to determine them. In doing so it aims to support FRC designers and contractors.


Choosing the Right Fiber for Fiber Reinforced Concrete Precast Tunnel Segments

This white paper looks at the historical evolution of Fiber Reinforced Concrete (FRC), its advantages in precast tunnel segments, the required performance criteria of FRC for precast tunnel segments, and the technical specifications of a proposed type of steel fiber for this application.


Characteristics of steel and polymer based fibre concrete

This paper discusses various material characteristics of steel and polymer fibres, with special regards to the long-term performance.