All round masonry reinforcement solutions

Murfor® masonry reinforcement is a range of  bed joint reinforcement solutions. Each product is developed to meet challenges in different applications.

Murfor® Compact

Discover the next generation of masonry reinforcement. Murfor® Compact consists of a sturdy steel cord mesh, which you easily roll out onto the masonry joints. Its high strength properties and user-friendly format are key elements to a faster building process and longer lasting masonry structures.

  • Efficient and durable crack control
  • Easy to stack and transport
  • Accommodates any wall width
  • Fast and simple installation

The benefits of Murfor® Compact

Architect benefits

Murfor® Compact is designed for structural reinforced masonry applications and consists of steel cord mesh and interwoven fiberglass roving. The performance is comparable to conventional welded bed joint reinforcement for structural use in EN 845-3.

Advanced product design for correct use

Murfor® Compact is available in two different sizes to accommodate any wall with and in three different alloys to meet specific exposure classes or to suit different block or brick constructions. To ensure the correct product is used, each type of Murfor® Compact is available in different colors:

  • Murfor® Compact A: for thin joint masonry and AAC brickwork.
  • Murfor® Compact E: for exterior masonry.
  • Murfor® Compact I:  for masonry in dry, interior environments. 

Builder benefits

Fast and simple installation

Murfor® Compact can be easily rolled out onto blocks or bricks and be cut to size; no overlaps are required and less material is lost. One roll of Murfor® Compact has 30 m of reinforcement, and only weights about 3 kg, about 10 times less than regular masonry reinforcement of the same length. The lightweight rolls are much safer to lift, carry and use

Easy to stack and transport

Murfor® Compact rolls have a low volume, which has several economic and logistical advantages. You can easily stack the rolls so that they take up less space in storage and transport.

Accommodates any wall width

Murfor® Compact is suitable for any wall width. The reinforcement is available in two convenient width options that can be easily combined to reinforce any wall width.

Meet British Standard & Eurocodes with Murfor® Compact 

Use MasterSeries to calculate the amount of Murfor® Compact for your design. MasterSeries is the UK's leading range of integrated structural analysis, design, drafting and detailing software. This software helps you designing to British Standard & Eurocodes.

Our other solutions 


Murfor®+ features integrated spacers and ribbed wires to ensure perfect positioning and anchorage of the elements in the mortar layer. The elements have the same benefits as Murfor®, but with the convenience you can place the elements ‘cold’ onto the brick, speeding up the process. 

Murfor® + bed joint reinforcement is:

  • Faster and more convenient to apply
  • Stronger than other reinforcement solutions

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Murfor® increases the strength of your masonry and theintegrity of your construction. This reinforcement allows you to perform your masonry works in full confidence.

Use Murfor bed joint reinforcement for:

  • Openings and lintels 
  • Load bearing walls 
  • Extremely long and high walls 
  • Masonry in seismic environments

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Brickforce® is a bed joint reinforcement solution specifically engineered for the UK market. Its flattened profile fits easily into the bed joint and line welding to avoid build-up.

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