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Bekaert spring wire is used in a multitude of applications – both in the medical device field and far beyond. Our decades of experience and innovative approach to developing spring wire with enhanced characteristics for specific applications, is unequalled.

Bekaert’s Bezinal product range offers a cost-effective substitute for stainless steel spring wire with enhanced characteristics that play a vital role in reliable and consistent performance across a range of applications.

From low-fatigue, high stress and excellent anti-corrosion properties, to higher spring forces capable of injecting high-viscosity drugs, our medical spring wire is designed to exceed stainless steel wire performance across a spectrum of applications.

High processability is a leading factor in our development process, ensuring strength, flexibility, the ability to sterilise, and consistency. Bezinal precoated medical spring wire performs to expectations every time. Talk to us if your desired application is not listed below. We can partner with you to provide custom solutions based on your specific technical requirements and product operating environments, if we do not already have an off-the-shelf solution.

The Power of consistent performance

Below you will see just a few of the application areas for which we have developed medical
spring wire with specific characteristics.


When developing medical spring wire for injection systems we focus on
specific use-cases to ensure that injectors deliver a precise dose every time.

Diagnostic Tools

Lancets, also known as puncturing devices, are widely used by both medical professionals and patients to take capillary
blood samples. Reliability is the key concern for springs used in such devices, as they enable safety features designed to hide
the needle in some applications, while also requiring the correct spring force required to puncture the dermal layer.

Other Applications

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