Attention to detail makes all the difference

Our range of steel-based medical spring wire represents a cost-effective substitute for stainless steel spring wire with the option of advanced Bezinal coatings to further enhance desired characteristics that play a vital role in reliable and consistent performance across a range of applications. Below you will find product data sheets for Bezinal XC and Bezinal XP, along with a white paper that clearly outlines the benefits of using Bezinal over stainless steel spring wire for specific applications where repeatability, anti-corrosion properties and spring force retention are a vital characteristic, while offering spring size reduction to enhance design opportunities.

Our material scientists and sales team will be happy to discuss your specific needs and to develop a customized offer to suit your exacting requirements. 

WHITE PAPER – Bezinal versus stainless steel

Bezinal® XP and Bezinal® XC are new products from Bekaert that will replace stainless steel spring wire in critical applications where repeatability, fatigue-resistance and anti-corrosive properties are paramount.

The number one alternatives to stainless steel medical wire

Bezinal® XP and Bezinal® XC are high carbon steel wires with an advanced zinc aluminium coating for smooth processability and a prolonged shelf life. Meeting FDA and EFSA quality standards, these wires are suitable for the production of medical springs.

Bezinal XP – high corrosion resistance

Bezinal XP is a new type of zinc-aluminium coated wire that has been specifically designed for spring applications used in highly humid or alkaline environments. Its advanced properties offer superior corrosion resistance without requiring additional post-coating.    

Bezinal XC – for critical applications

Bezinal XC is a new type of zinc-aluminium coated wire that has been specifically designed for high-end, critical springs. While this advanced coating offers superior corrosion and cathodic protection, its most important feature is shown during the production process. Thanks to the superior coilability you can achieve excellent production efficiencies similar to phosphate coated wires. Bezinal® XC is suitable for extremely demanding applications, especially when dimensional stability is critical.

The broader range of spring wire from Bekaert

Bekaert offers a wide range of spring wires that can be refined to meet specific product or production requirements. Our thorough technical knowledge and our access to a wide range of alloys enable us to develop reliable wire products.We can supply spring wire with a balanced combination of all the right properties that match your specific requirements.