Spring wire for medical applications

We’ve been producing high-quality spring wire at Bekaert for decades. We focus on building close partnerships with our customers, driven by continuous collaboration and innovation. This makes Bekaert the ideal long-term partner for all of your medical spring wire needs for drug delivery, inhaler, diagnostics and dispenser systems.


Wire that makes the difference in securing your patient's comfort

Medical spring wire playing a crucial part in securing patient's comfort

Springs have become a vital part of medical devices – from those used by medical professionals in hospitals – to those used by an increasing number of patients who self-administer medications at home using manual, automatic, wearable or hidden-needle drug  delivery systems.

Wire innovation drives the spring performance

Strength, accuracy, fatigue properties, repeatability and anti-corrosion characteristics are what medical  device designers, manufacturers and spring makers demand from medical spring wire. We approach the continuous development of our spring wire from this starting point.

For many years, stainless steel springs were the go-to solution for high-reliability and high-precision medical device construction. Thanks to our broad product line the advanced coating solutions now available, Bekaert can provide to medical device designers even higher overall performance levels than stainless steel springs in many specific and demanding applications.

Intuitive interaction, once the sole concern of trained care givers, is now an evermore vital factor in the design of medical devices used by patients. This places greater demands on the efficacy of spring wire solutions used in accuracy-critical and smaller, more convenient, medical  devices.

Drug delivery systems meeting the stringent needs of medical world

Our innovative approach to medical spring wire is based on increasingly stringent regulatory and patient demands, setting Bekaert apart as a valued supplier to both medical device designers, manufacturers of both new and existing devices and spring making companies alike. Our collaborative approach means that we can deliver the spring wire properties you seek from our range of standard products, or as a customized solution.

Springs used for several medical devices

Medical springs are a vital component in securing convenience, accurate dose delivery and comfort for both patients and care professionals alike. The range of potential applications for medical springs is growing as self-administration of medication with auto-injector devices increases and the use of large molecule biologics increases the demand for higher-force spring wire solutions.

Applications include:

  • Drug injection systems with fixed dosing (auto-injector systems)
  • Inhaler systems
  • Diagnostics/metering tools
  • Dispenser device.

Bekaert continues to be the trusted go-to partner for medical spring wire. We offer a wide portfolio of steel-based wires that can be delivered with pre-coating, or specialized coatings that offer stainless steel performance, but with additional features such as increased strength, enabling new device design opportunities. This is especially true for solutions where stainless steel spring wire cannot perform to the necessary specifications and for products that require smaller, and more precise, designs with the delivery capability of larger systems.

Why using Bekaert medical spring wire?

Our medical spring wires deliver high tensile strength, enabling springs with the compression forces required for both high- and low-viscosity drug injection devices, coupled with the fatigue-resistance required for refillable dispensing solutions. Medical spring wire products from Bekaert can be adapted to suit specific and demanding use-cases, while ensuring a smooth and efficient process for spring production. Benefits include:

  • Higher forces
  • Compression property retention (even after exposure to stress-relieving temperatures)
  • Corrosion resistance
  • Ability to add a coating, optimized to meet specific demand
  • Increased fatigue-resistance
  • Cost-effective alternative to stainless steel springs
  • Custom made solutions based on your stringent specifications
  • Cleaner production environment




  • Consistent accurate dosing of multiple injections
  • Increased spring force enables ease of self-administering of high-viscosity drugs
  • Narrow spring tolerances assures exact or full dose injection
  • Corrosion-free spring exceeds lifetime of drugs