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Meeting customer requirements for metal fiber products

At Bekaert we have been listening to our customers for more than 45 years. We analyze their specific requirements and produce customized metal fiber products that enable our customers to be at the leading edge of their business. We are the world leader in incoming/outgoing quality control, and offer full process traceability from start to finish. Through our innovative approach and unparalleled quality consistency, we have become the preferred supplier to critical applications in a range of industries such as nuclear, semiconductors and aviation.

R&D and co-development is part of our DNA

To continue to lead the world in metal fiber products and applications, our dedicated R&D team has access to state-of-the-art facilities and pilot-scale production equipment, and can run higher volume trials on larger-scale manufacturing lines. The R&D team is distributed over four locations and is supported by corporate competence centers.

What does this mean for you?

  • R&D specialists to support our partnerships
  • Co-creation of tailor-made products
  • Fast prototyping of customized solutions 
  • Profound application knowledge
  • Diverse testing capabilities

Benefits of Bekaert metal fiber products


Cut-resistant properties

Stainless steel monofilaments are key components of cut-resistant engineered yarns offering high strength, flexibility and unbeatable cut-resistance.

Excellent strength

Metal fiber media is a binder-less, 3D network of metal fibers, featuring a metallurgical bond at all fiber contact points. The media maintains its integrity under high vibration and pressure.

Flexible design

Our extensive portfolio of engineered metal fiber solutions are easy to shape to specific application requirements. Fast prototyping of customized solutions is our standard practice.

Good electrical conductivity

Stainless steel and copper-steel fiber hybrids offer high design flexibility and a tunable, stable, wide range of electrical resistances.

Good thermal resistance

Metal fibers incorporating the alloys 304, 316L, Fecralloy®, Inconel® 601 and Hastelloy® offer high thermal resistance and low thermal inertia.

High ductility

Steel fibers display a high elongation at break. Steel fiber reinforced composites therefore enable high energy absorption on impact.

High porosity

Metallic fibers are processed into a porous media with a high fraction of void space (up to 92% porosity), resulting in low pressure drops, high flow rates and high permeability.

High surface area

A network of small metallic fibers can create a surprisingly high surface area. One square meter of our media can have a fiber surface area of at least 2000 square meters.