Engineered solutions FAQ


1. What alloys are available?

For its Engineered Solutions, Bekaert offers a wide range of suitable alloys:

  •  Stainless steel alloys: 316L, 304, 302
  •  Non-ferrous and specialty alloys: Aluminum-based, Copper-based, Nickel-based, Fecralloy®
  •  Non-alloy metals: Tungsten, Titanium, Nickel, Chromium, Silver, Platinum group metals

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2. What is the minimum and maximum thickness of porous media which Bekaert can supply?

For Engineered Solutions, the minimum media thickness we supply is between 50 µm and 100 µm. The maximum thickness in our standard portfolio is up to 1 mm. However, Bekaert can produce customized solutions with a thickness up to 50 mm to meet specific customer requests.

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