We create tailor-made profiled wire of the highest complexity and of the narrowest tolerances, delivered in different make-ups, bar lengths and exact-cut pieces. We handle a wide range of formable raw materials including stainless, low carbon and high carbon steel. Flat wire can be achieved by feeding the wire through a pair of rolls. Special shapes can be produced using a four roller Turks Head or by drawing the wire through a sequence of dies.

These processes include:

  • Cold rolling: The wire is rolled at ambient temperatures to achieve higher tensile, yield and hardness values.
  • Hot rolling: The wire is rolled at selected steel temperatures to achieve optimum steel formability.
  • Cold drawing: The wire is passed through a number of successive dies until a specified shape and final cross section is reached.
  • Finished part services: A near net shape can be created combining a series of advanced punching and cutting technologies such as adiabatic and Fenn impact cutting, cold sawing and Lewis straight and cut.
Download our brochure to know more about Bekaert’s tailor-made flat and shaped wires.

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