Steel Profiling

At Bekaert, we make profiled wire that meets your precise specifications. We can create complex profiles with the narrowest tolerances, and we have the competencies to deliver them in various bar lengths, makeups and exact-cut pieces. We form our profiles from a variety of metals, including stainless, high-carbon and low-carbon steel as well as non-ferrous metals.

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Steel Profiling Processes

At Bekaert, we develop steel wire profiles through various steel profiling processes. Creating a profile means shaping material, and those configurations are possible through multiple methods, such as cold-rolling, cold-drawing and finished part services.


Instead of using hot-rolling, cold-rolling uses ambient temperatures to achieve higher strength and hardness. Cold-rolling combined with heat treating the steel profile allows Bekaert to achieve your specific material requirements. This process also changes the steel's dimensions - it begins with steel rod, which becomes elongated as it passes through a series of stands.

Cold-rolling produces steel that matches your specifications more precisely than other methods. Plus, it improves the steel's performance and physical properties. Cold-rolling can also reduce scrap material and costs over other hot-rolling processes.


To cold-draw steel, we pull the material through a carbide die or Turk's Head. Finishing rod with cold-drawing enhances the steel's properties and allows us to change its shape and reduce its size. Cold-drawing also creates profiled wire with closer tolerances than other methods, including complex and asymmetrical profiles with sharp corners.

Finished Part Services

Our finished part services include cutting, punching, surface finishing and packaging to your specifications. After creating your shaped wire, we perform these finishing services to reduce lead times and eliminate the need for shipping to a third party.

Types of Profiled Wire and Special Shapes

Wire comes in countless dimensions and configurations. We can produce wire in various shapes, depending on your specifications and the material's final use. Our capabilities include flat wire, shaped wire and oil-tempered flat wire.

Flat Wire

Available in various widths and thicknesses, flat wire is ideal for automotive, industrial and consumer applications.

Shaped Wire

Steel profile wire is an essential part of many industrial and commercial products. Configurations for our shaped wire include:

  • Sharp-edged squares and rectangles.
  • Half-oval, half-round and D shapes.
  • Trapezoids and triangles.
  • Flat with natural edges and rounded sides.

We can also create steel profiles to your specifications upon request.

Shaped wire has many uses in manufacturing, such as:

Oil-Tempered Flat Wire

Cooling hot wire and tempering with oil improves material properties. Thus, oil-tempered flat wire is a common material for automotive, industrial and consumer applications.

Choose Bekaert's Steel Profiling Services

At Bekaert, we care about developing long-lasting relationships with our clients. We offer a wide variety of processes under one roof, and each of our competencies meets your high standards. Our service-oriented nature makes us the ideal manufacturing partner for your company's development. We can provide products with competitive lead times and match your order to your exact specifications.

Download our brochure for more information about the flat and shaped wire products we can create. If you have questions or want to place an order, contact our team .