Wedge Wire

Bekaert wedge wire is a stainless steel profile used for the production of screens and panels with high precision slots. The v-shaped profile has a high chemical and thermal resistance. Bekaert wedge wire is suitable for the food, oil, coal and pharmaceutical industries. Bekaert can also work with materials such as Copper Nickel and other shapes for materials separation application (e.g. water intake screens).


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  1. Experience Premium Wedge Wires From Bekaert
  2. Common Applications and Features of Wedge Wire
  3. Why Choose Bekaert for Wedge Wires?
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Wedge wire is used for filtration, separation, screening and dehydration applications. Many industries rely on these V-shaped wires, including pharmaceuticals, food and beverage, agriculture, mining and oil refining.

At Bekaert, we manufacture wedge wires for your projects. We create these V-shaped profiles to your exact specifications to ensure they perform according to industry standards. Call our team at +1 330-683-5060 to learn more!

Experience Premium Wedge Wires From Bekaert

Wedge wire is a versatile profile that many industries rely on for successful operations. At Bekaert, we create wedge wires according to your product specifications. We can manufacture wedge wires for fine filtration screens to large architectural panels.

There are various benefits to our manufacturing methods. Learn why so many manufacturers turn to our team for steel profiles.

Corrosion Resistant Steel

Stainless steel has natural corrosion resistance thanks to the chromium in its composition. When chromium reacts with oxygen in the air, a thin protective layer forms around the material. Stainless steel provides wedge wires that are corrosion resistant allowing them to last for long periods of time and maintain filtration accuracy for repeated use.

While stainless steel offers natural corrosion resistance, we can strengthen your wedge wire profiles even further with specialized coatings. We design our coatings for varying levels of corrosion resistance to reflect your applications and offer long-term wear. 

Flexible Packaging

We understand that manufacturing demands vary based on your workflow and processes. Our team can ship your spring wire in the packaging that supports fast integration into your product line. With spools, coils or bar lengths, you can introduce our wedge wire into production with ease.

High Precision

Wedge wire profiles play a critical role in many operations, making precision vital to the quality of your final product. We manufacture our stainless steel wedge wire grates with high-precision tools for high-performance results. The consistent tight tolerances ensure efficient filtration for your project, regardless of dimensions and filtration requirements. 

Beyond our tight tolerances, our quality-assured manufacturing process enables us to deliver products that withstand the harshest environments. Our wedge wire can handle high pressures and heavy loads in demanding industries. Bekaert makes your performance demands a priority for every wedge wire project.

We Want To Work With You

While our engineers and metallurgists pioneer your projects, your input plays a role every step of the way. Our collaborative approach is a core aspect of our values. We look to your team for valuable insight into project specifications and performance demands to create purpose-built wedge wire profiles.

Common Applications and Features of Wedge Wire

Awareness of industry applications is critical to our production methods. At Bekaert, we understand the diverse uses of wedge wire and consider the demands of each application when designing your final product. Wedge wire's filtration/separation abilities make it useful in many industries, including:

Food and beverage: Many foods and drinks need filtering to reduce solids and purify their composition. Wedge wire can be useful for the production of soups, cold-pressed juices, teas, chocolate and microbrew beer. The sterility of certain stainless steels ensures food and beverages remain clean and safe for consumption.

Oil and coal: Mineral mining and coal require filtration of solids for purified substances. Wedge wire can filter solids from viscous materials like oil. Corrosion resistance materials and heavy load compatibility make wedge wire excellent for these applications.

Pharmaceuticals: Medications and drugs require high-level purity for safe consumption. We can manufacture wedge wire to handle fine filtration materials like powders. Our high-grade stainless steels also support the sterility requirements in this industry.

Agriculture: Many agricultural applications used wedge wire to separate manure for fertilizer products and divide animal feed before distribution. The self-cleaning and anti-clogging nature of V-shaped profiles ensures these operations maintain efficiency. Corrosion resistance and coating options can also be ideal for these applications. 

Why Choose Bekaert for Wedge Wires?

Bekaert manufactures wedge wires from a variety of stainless and alloy grades for reliable performance in various industries. We have decades of experience creating complex parts for a wide range of clients, making us a reliable long-term partner for your steel profile components. With our global presence, we have access to industry-leading resources, tools and talent to manufacture wedge wire for your project.

We run our plant 24/7 to meet your timeline requirements and maintain fast turnaround times for project completion. Our co-development process makes it easy to collaborate with our engineers. We take the time to understand your requirements, regardless of scale or complexity. We also offer various order quantities and shipping arrangements to make our services convenient for you.

The Bekaert approach to profile creation involves a team of experienced experts who integrate high-performance solutions for every project. We also apply various quality control practices to ensure product integrity. Before mass production of your stainless steel wedge wire, we provide a prototype for you to confirm the performance of our product.

Our testing and quality procedures ensure high-level quality control for all wedge wire products we produce. Our team works in ISO 9001:2015 accredited facilities to align with industry best practices for quality assurance.

Contact Us About Wedge Wire

Wedge wire is responsible for critical filtration processes in many industries — accuracy in design is a must. At Bekaert, our expertise, resources and commitment to your success make us an ideal partner for your wedge wire needs. Our co-collaborative approach ensures you can communicate your needs and expectations at every stage in production.

Manufacturers across industries turn to Bekaert as their partner for steel profiles. Get started with us by reaching out to our team



  • Handles high pressure and heavy load bearing
  • Consistent and ultra-flat screen surface
  • Suitable for highly corrosive applications
  • Suitable for sterile applications


Bulk Material Stainless steel
Coating Other metal alloy
Shape Wire