Exhaust Clamp Wire

Exhaust system clamps for Internal Combustion Engines (ICE) are essential to vehicle and equipment operation. With exhaust clamp profiles from Bekaert, you can create secure hardware for joining pipes and accessories for exhaust systems. We work with your Engineers to create leak-proof clamps that are robust and designed to withstand vibrational forces.

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Our Exhaust Systems Solutions

Exhaust systems are critical to the safe performance of 2-wheel, 4-wheel vehicles, Off-road equipment and stationary applications.  Bekaert can help you meet your OEM customer’s requirements, as well as After-market replacement clamps and related hardware. Bekaert also offers exhaust filtration media. Stricter regulations for gasoline and diesel particulate filtration require manufacturers to introduce more comprehensive filtration systems.

Bekipor® metal fiber media effectively trap fine soot and dust particles from exhaust pipes for cleaner fuel burning. You can shape these flexible media into unlimited configurations for integrating into exhaust pipes. Other benefits include:

  • High porosity for a low pressure drop and efficient operation
  • Resistance to high temperatures and vibration
  • Sound absorption to reduce the need for a muffler
  • Conductivity for electrical heating that reduces fuel consumption

Bekaert also manufactures heating cables for selective catalytic reduction (SCR). If you work with diesel engines, our Bekinox® and Bekiflex® cables offer superior efficiency. These cables are compatible with SCR Adblue® heating tubes and offer corrosion resistance for long-life.

Work with Bekaert for Your Exhaust Clamp Shaped Wires and Shaped Metal Profiles

Bekaert has well-equipped plants, trained technicians and attentive customer service, making us an ideal partner for your manufacturing operation. We work closely with your Design team to understand your product specifications. 

Partner with Bekaert today for fast and reliable exhaust system hardware solutions. Contact us today to learn more.