Bezinal® XC coated wire for an improved coilability of critical springs

Heavy deformation and stress-relieving temperatures can compromise the corrosion protection of your spring. As a result, spring wires often require additional expensive and time-consuming post-coating processes after coiling.

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Process-proof properties

Even under heavy deformation and exposure to high stress-relieving temperatures, this zinc aluminum coating is able to maintain its integrity and high corrosion protection level, eliminating the need for any post-coating processes.

Moreover, Bezinal® XC coated wire has reduced flaking and limited dust formation when coiled as compared with wire coated with zinc or even our standard Bezinal® coatings. The beneficial end results are less machine cleaning time and higher production efficiencies, especially in cases where optical measurement systems are used. Therefore, Bezinal® XC coated wire can in some cases equal the performance of non-metallic coated wire (phosphated).

Improve your production process

Repeated coilability tests have proven that Bezinal® XC allows a more consistent process, significantly reducing the overall spread on spring geometry. Its properties substantially improve the dimensional stability of the manufactured springs and reduce spring rejection rates.



  • Reduces dust formation and flaking
  • Increases production efficiencies
  • Reduces spring rejection rates significantly
  • Provides a more durable alternative for galvanized wire


Bulk Material C-steel
Shape Wire
Coating Bezinal®