TAWI® coating

Ternary alloy coating on wire or TAWI® is a steel cord coating from Bekaert that is comprised of copper, zinc and cobalt (67% Cu, 29% Zn, 4%Co). It yields advancements in the performance and environmental impact of tires.

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A revolution in steel cord coatings

TAWI® eliminates the need for cobalt in the bulk rubber. Cobalt-free rubber compounds are more durable and exhibit less hysteresis. With TAWI®, you can create longer-lasting and more eco-friendly passenger and truck tires.

Value creation at every step

TAWI®’s adhesion to rubber is not only comparable to brass, in hot and humid environments it outperforms. Tests also indicate that by using TAWI® with a cobalt-free rubber compound, a tire’s lifetime is increased and its rolling resistance is decreased. Because cobalt is not added as a rubber ingredient, millions of euros could be saved by the tire industry.

The market’s most sustainable tire cord solution

Without cobalt as a rubber ingredient, there is the potential for a significant reduction in rolling resistance. This reduction can improve fuel consumption, CO2 emission levels and local air quality. A better bond with TAWI® allows for more re-treading of tires.



  • Corner
  • Exterior
  • Passenger car tires
  • Bus and truck tires
  • Earth mover, off the road
  • Industrial tires
  • Agricultural / farm tires
  • Agricultural & excavator trcornerks
  • Snowmobile trcornerks
  • Motor cycle tires


  • Outstanding adhesion in hot and humid climates
  • Longer lasting tires
  • Reduced rolling resistance
  • Reduced CO2, emissions and fuel consumption