EMI shielding fibers and yarns for textiles

EMI shielding
Applications include garments to protect people performing maintenance on high-voltage lines, and fabrics used for radar camouflage nets. Architectural shielding includes adding fibers and yarns to the plaster of walls to protect houses from radiation from the outside. Medical shielding applications include textiles for animals and humans to combat phantom pains.
Bekinox® stainless steel fibers and yarns are an ideal component for EMI shielding textiles. With a shielding protection up to 60 dB in a frequency range of 300 to 10 GHz, Bekinox® nearly matches highly efficient alternatives like silver and copper. While these metals lose almost all protective value after only a few washes, Bekinox® is perfectly machine-washable. In addition, Bekinox® can be combined with flame-retardant fibers to protect the wearer from heat. Diameters as thin as 6.5 µm result in superior conductivity and shielding properties.


High shielding effectiveness

Ideal for highly conductive fabrics.

Superior electrical resistance after frequent washing

The yarns are ideal for garments as they possess outstanding wash resistance, allowing up to 200 industrial washes.

Suitable for light and comfortable fabrics

Protective garments incorporating Bekinox® are comfortable to wear.

Easy to combine with flame-retardant fibers

Ideal for heat-resistant materials and garments.


Read our whitepaper on metal fiber technology



Bulk Material Mixture, Polymer, Stainless steel
Shape Textile
Coating None
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