Sawing wire for multi-wire sawing

Bekaert offers a wide range of sawing wires, with diameters from 80μm to 350 μm. For any given diameter, we offer different types to better fit your specific wafering process settings. We can vary the intrinsic material characteristics, as well as adapt our process routing, depending on the final properties needed.

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As such, we can offer you a complete product portfolio, aligned with your process and tailored to your environment.

The highest output of best quality wafers

Since the wafer is the most expensive portion of crystalline silicon-based solar cells, the production yield is critical to making solar energy competitive in the race for grid parity. To guarantee more output at a consistent quality, we focus on 2 domains: achieving the highest output while maintaining a high level of quality.

Minimize total-cost-of-ownership to maximize profitability

Using a lower wire diameter directly results in more wafers produced per kg polysilicon, as well as minimized material loss and a reduction of slurry consumption. Bekaert gives you the opportunity to try out new intermediate diameters close to your current diameter (115, 125μm). As such, you can benefit from an immediate and significant saving of production costs, without major changes in process settings (slurry, speed, etc…).

Partnership redefined

When you partner with Bekaert, you can rely on high-level sawing wire expertise and technical support, tailored to meet your needs and demands. We assign a dedicated team to work on your project from the beginning of the process to the roll-out. We want to support you with consistent quality performance on a global scale, improving yield and adding real value to your business. Rather than being just a supplier, we want to help you grow your business.



  • The use of ultra tensile technology which allows us to produce very thin and very high tensile wires which result in low kerf loss (and hence more wafers per cut) and less fractures (resulting in a higher productivity)
  • Tight diameter and ovality tolerances
  • A wide range of spool types that assures our saw wire can be used on all machine types
  • An advanced winding technology which allows us to deliver an optimal winding quality


Shape Wire
Bulk Material C-steel
Coating Brass, Combinations
Number of Wires 1