Driving progress for our planet and people

A better world for sustainable growth

With our expertise in heating solutions, Bekaert delivers innovations that contribute to a cleaner environment. For over 50 years we have been developing environmentally friendly heating solutions. Our gas burners and heat exchangers are designed with one goal in mind: achieving highest efficiency at lowest emissions.

Ready for H2? We are!

One of the most interesting developments is the use of hydrogen as a replacement for natural gas as a heating source. Hydrogen has similar properties as natural gas, but without the emissions (provided it is generated by green energy).

A few minor but essential adjustments in the heating boiler, will make existing heating boilers function well on hydrogen. The specific difference will be in the design and performance requirements of the burner and that is where the expertise of Bekaert Heating is important.

We now have a range of patented hydrogen burners in our portfolio. With these hydrogen burners we already have executed several pilot projects with our European customers.