High tensile steel cores for overhead power lines

Ensure the availability and security of the power network by reinforcing your conductors with Bekaert Ultra, Mega and Giga high tensile strength steel cores. This range of three unique steel cores withstand different conditions, all while enhancing the capacity and efficiency of your overhead power lines. 

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Protect your investment. Rely on steel

Using a steel reinforcement core is the most cost-effective, long-term choice for your conductors. Though initial costs might be lower if you choose not to reinforce your conductor with a steel core, you increase the risk of premature failure and related costs, annihilating any initial cost-savings. 

The next generation steel cores for improved grid performance

Bekaert offers three types of high tensile steel cores: Ultra, Mega and Giga. The wires in each strand feature outstanding tensile strength, allowing the strand to move with the environment without creating excessive sag. The combination of these features results in conductors with a much higher capacity and which allow a more efficient distribution of energy.
Recently the International Electrotechnical Commission released the new IEC 63248 Norm which covers also high tensile strength Mega and Giga steel cores ( S7A, S8A) for overhead power lines. The advantages of the high tensile steel cores are described in CIGRE paper which you can find below in downloads.

Steel core solutions for conductors in special conditions

Adding a steel core increases the breaking strength of an aluminum conductor by a factor of 2 to 3. Conductors with a steel core are more resistant to thermal sag and sag caused by various load conditions such as heavy winds and ice loading. Moreover, the cores reduce horizontal blowout distances and, as a consequence, the probability of horizontal clearance violations.