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1. Are Bezinal® Coatings eco-friendly?

However, Zinc is used in food industry; certain limits shouldn’t be exceeded. Bezinal® Vineyard wire provides excellent adhesion of the coating. The lower runoff rate ensures less zinc dissolving into the soil, which makes it more eco-friendly.

2. Why do Bezinal wires have a mat color compared to galvanized wires?

The Aluminium used in Bezinal coating forms a protective oxide layer on the wire surface. The protective layer gives a mat appearance, which shows the high corrosion-resistant benefit of the coating.

3. How long will the Bezinal® wire last in comparison vs. the lifetime of my vines?

When carefully choosing the right type of Bezinal® solution, your trellis with our Bezinal® vineyard wires will support your vineyard during its entire lifetime and even longer. Even in heavily polluted or aggressive as e.g., close to sea regions, our Bezinal® coated wires show to be highly effective in terms of corrosion-resistance*.

Salt spray corrosion test (NSS) according to EN ISO 9227.
Average values measured over 6 samples.

4. What is the advantage of high tensile wire?

The high tensile strength of Bezinal® wire results in a lower installation and cost per meter. Even with a reduced diameter, the wire withstands the same breaking load. In this way, Bezinal® wire provides between 40% and 120% more meters per coil than soft, heavy galvanized wire.

5. Is Bezinal® wire suitable for easy re-tensioning?

Yes, this strong yet flexible wire provides the optimal combination of high breaking load and excellent ductility to support your trellis during it’s entire lifetime (easy installation & maintenance).

6. What are the benefits of your Bezinal®wire among other ZnAl wires?

We know that there are several trellis solutions on the market and that it can be challenging to chose which ones are the best for you. However, we notice our customers appreciate our wire for its easy processability, the advice of our local experts, and the available stock for the most important wire references. Feel free to read our testimonials.

7. I’ve been using galvanized wire forever, and it does the job. Why should I change?

We understand that as a vineyard owner, the process of having & maintaining a vineyard is a work of many years and thus, the structure that supports your investment should at least last as long as your vines need it. By choosing Bezinal® coated wires, there is less chance on corrosion and less risk on having to replace your trellis structure frequently..

8. Where can I buy Bezinal vineyard wire?

We are a worldwire supplier of vineyard solutions with regional partners. According to your inquiry, our team of local experts can help find the best possible solution.

9. How to choose the correct diameter to use in my vineyard?

Depending on the specific weather condition in your area, our expert team can advise you on the best solution for your vineyard. Or download our specifications to find out more.

10. Can I twist the high tensile wire instead of using gripple?

Yes, even with high tensile it can still be easily twisted.

11. Do you have any packaging options in case of trellis installation by machines?

Our 25 kg round weight coils (RWC) are perfectly designed for vineyard applications. 25 kg RWC allows excellent unwinding after unstrapping and avoids entanglement. For processing by machines, we also have other makeup options available. Contact our team to find the best fit for your needs

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