Creating a buzz within viticulture in the UK

With our local partners like Vine-Works in
Great Britain 
we strive to look for solutions
that include the environmental impact.

Will Mower, Vine-Works in the UK:
Together with Bee Tree, Vine-Works also establishes and manages vineyards, and we include environmental sustainability in our reports and conversations with clients. It’s particularly important for newcomers to understand the role of sustainability and how they can make the right decisions from the very beginning.

Reinforcing UK vineyard brand connection

Handling changing weather conditions in Poland

The diversity of the Polish climate is the biggest obstacle for the local viticulture industry. Risks that can endanger a significant part of their crop are hail, frosts, and excessive rainfall.

Read how we, together with WWD, help local farmers set up a decent hail protection structure that can provide peace of mind to protect their vines  & their investment.
                Testimonial polish vineyard