The right solution for your vineyard trellis

Tensioning wire is a small, yet important part of your investment since it's a vital element for the sustainability of your vineyard. Depending on your region, you will have the specific needs regarding corrosion resistance, high breaking load, service & delivery by a local sales managers. We want to provide you with the best solution according to your needs and that’s why we advise you to always reach out to our local Sales Managers. We have highly trained inside sales managers who can answer your specific question.

Vineyard wire solutions exists 5 different types.

3d fiber
Bezinal® Plus

The best value for money

If you want to benefit from the premium quality of Bezinal® coated wire at its best value.
3d fiber
Bezinal® Pro

For the most demanding environments

if you’re looking for a trellis that withstands high humidity & severe weather conditions

Bezinal® Super

Outstanding mechanical performance

Higher tensile strength means your vineyard structure will be less likely to sag and require infrequent tensioning and reduced maintenance. 
Bezinal® Select

Lifetime champion

If you want top-of-class quality in terms of corrosion protection and comptability with heavy-duty processing by machines.

Classic Heavy Galvanized

The classic proven solution

Providing you with a constant high-quality level of vineyard tensioning.