Vineyard trellising solutions

Taking care of your vineyard means many hours of hard work. Using the correct tensioning wire can help you extend the lifetime of your vineyard trellis. When choosing Bezinal® Vineyard wire solutions, you go for support that outlasts the lifetime of your vineyard.

While it's know for its easy installation, it maintains its tensile strength so that you will have less maintenance work afterward
and give you full peace of mind.

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Supporting your vineyard for a lifetime

It takes years of skills, craftsmanship, and dedication before you can harvest good qualitative grapes. From planting your vines until they are fully grown and deliver ripe fruits, you need a trellis where you can rely on during the entire lifecycle of your vines.

As a global market leader, we have partners in all regions. This way you can rely on personalized advice based on local expertise & know how. So when building the right structure for your vineyard you will be helped by our local experts in your own language.

When tradition blends with agriculture innovation

Superior Corrosion Resistance

As a vineyard owner, you know how difficult it can be to persistently deliver great fruits, especially with the effects of changing weather, climate & the increasing demands for more organic fruits. Also, the soil contamination with Bezinal® is much lower than traditional solutions with zinc.

To help you make your vineyard as profitable as possible, our Bezinal® coated wires have excellent resistance to atmospheric corrosion and chemicals. They are very easy to bend (ductility) without cracks in the surface or breaking. Its smooth & homogeneous surface is likely to have less crevices and thus not harm your grapes in any way.

Next level vineyard protection against corrosion

Ready for heavy duty maintenance by agricultural machines

To be more productive, the help of agricultural machines has almost become indispensable. By using heavy duty machines, your trellis can suffer quite a bit.

While your machines shake and cut your vines to keep them in good shape for growth, your trellis has to remain strong & durable.

Here is where our Bezinal® coated wire will help you save time & operational costs because it’s specially designed to maintain the same breaking load even with reduced diameter. In the end, you will gain time since the need for re-tensioning is reduced. 

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  • Strong wire with high breaking load
  • Easy installation
  • Less maintenance for re-tensioning
  • Superior corrosion resistance


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Bulk Material C-steel
Coating Bezinal®