Coppel, Texcoco, Mexico

Project type:

  • Distribution center


  • Flooring


  • Owner: Coppel
  • Flooring Contractor: Rinol
  • Ready-mix: Holcim

As part of Coppel's business growth plan, the company seeks to build new distribution centers in Mexico to meet the logistics demand for its stores. For this project, Coppel decided to build in Texcoco, an important logistics geographic location, one of the most innovative distribution centers in its history.

The challenge

Due to the high demand of operation as well as the heavy forklift traffic that the project represents, Coppel was looking for an innovation where 47,000 m2 of post-tensioned floor would be built. This represented a challenge because the required flatness floor values as well as the required work progress speed could not be achieved with a post-tensioned floor.

The solution

Rinol, one of the main contractors in Mexico, offered Coppel the option to build a floor with SigmaSlab technology; which is the combination of Dramix® 4D steel fibers and CCL post-tensioned cables. This innovative technology for concrete floors and slabs allowed Rinol to build a floor with panels up to 100x100m and a high level of flatness, managing to meet Coppel´s requirements.

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