The proven game-changing solution for precast

Precasters around the globe face a number of obstacles; an overall costs increase, higher productivity, durability and sustainability needs, a lack of skilled labor... all while meeting higher safety standards. This is why precasters increasingly choose the type of reinforcement that optimizes their concrete elements in each of these regards: Dramix® steel fibers.

Discover why replacing traditional mesh or rebar in concrete elements offers various benefits below and find the overview of applications here.

Advantages of steel fiber reinforcement in precast elements

1. A lower total cost of ownership (TCO)

in comparison with traditional reinforcement, Dramix® steel fibers...

are less expensive:

it enables efficient design with less reinforcement material, and sometimes thinner concrete structures. This offsets a potential initial higher purchase price. Further, no expensive machinery is needed because the production process is much simpler.

consume less energy

reduce the labor and time needed


2. Faster and safer

in comparison with traditional reinforcement, Dramix® steel fibers...

• are much a faster and efficient process:
Working with rebar and mesh involves the extremely timeconsuming and labor-intensive activities of placing, tying,
cutting and bending the reinforcement. In contrast, steel fibers are added directly to the concrete, eliminating all the obstacles with traditional reinforcement.

• require less space on site:
Traditional reinforcement activities also need a lot of space on-site, which can be put to better use when steel fibers are used.

• are considerably safer:
Reinforcement mesh and rebar pose a high risk of hand injuries, which can lead to delays. Working with steel fibers, on the other hand, is a quicker, cleaner, more controlled and thus safer process.

3. Sustainable reinforcement

save concrete & save steel
Dramix® reduces the carbon footprint significantly in precast concrete in comparison with traditional reinforcement.
Learn more about Dramix® life cycle assessments (thanks to OneClickLCA) and how it reduces the carbon footprint of construction projects here.

• longer lasting elements
Precast concrete pipes reinforced with Dramix® steel fibers extend the lifespan of pipe systems by 15 to 20 years, as confirmed by wastewater treatment organizations.

less energy needed
Fewer raw materials (steel and concrete) and fewer people needed to achieve the same level of technical performance.



4. Durability

detects and controls cracks faster and more efficiently
Steel fibers are distributed throughout the concrete and therefore reinforce every part of it, unlike steel mesh.

As a result, steel fibers detect small cracks much faster than traditional reinforcement. Dramix® steel fibers also provide electro-magnetic shielding for buildings such as data centers.

resistance to corrosion

watertight elements

rust free
Galvanized Dramix® steel fibers are rust-free over their long lifetime. This means no performance degradation over time due to
rusting. Furthermore, there is no unattractive discoloring of the final precast element, which means no compromise of the aesthetic aspect of precast elements.

5. Easily customizable

Steel fibers allows more design freedom of precast concrete elements, enabling the design and manufacture of
unusual and/or complex shapes.


Applications of steel fiber reinforcement in precast elements

Building applications

• Wall elements
• Facades
• Sock elements
• Modular houses
• Balconies
• Architectural elements
•  Other building elements like pavements, burial vaults, steps/stairs and beam skins.

 Civil engineering/Infrastructure applications

Utility vaults such as electric cabins
Water infrastructure such as pipes/manholes, grease
interceptors, catch basins, gutters, water tanks and septic
Transportation infrastructure such as railway elements, road
barriers, noise barriers and box culvert.
Other civil engineering elements such as footings, retainer
walls and nuclear containment.

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