Underground mining

Fiber reinforced concrete in mining is a proven cost-effective solution that lasts for decades. It enables easy and fast installation, creates a safe working environment for miners and creates stable self-supporting underground structures. 

Specifying  Fiber Spray Reinforced Concrete (FSRC) lot easier when using Dramix® and Synmix® compared to other solutions

We offer different solutions depending on the type of tunnel or shaft lining: 

fiber reinforcement shotcrete lining    Spray concrete

For spray concrete or shotcrete, we recommend the use of Dramix® 3D steel fibers or Synmix® macro-synthetic fibers. These fibers help creating a semi-stiff immediate lining that has high ductility and toughness to absorb and block rock movement. 

fiber reinforcement concrete final linings    Cast-in-place lining 
For central mining shafts, winding shafts, blind shafts, and ventilation shafts, we recommend Dramix® 5D steel fibers. The high tensile properties of this fiber offers the best protection against collapsing or ‘sloughing’ of cast-in-place tunnel linings and thus preventing the obstruction of air-circulation or otherwise isolating adjoining horizontal tunnels. 

We offer tunnel builders different solutions for various lining applications such as for permanent mining excavations, draw points and ore passes.