Metal fiber products overview

A product portfolio as result of our "better together"- philosophy.

Metal fibers
Product Continuous fiber

Continuous fibers

Product Anti-static fibers

Anti-static fibers

Product Staple fibers

Short & staple fibers

Product Conductive grains - Beki-Shield GR75

Conductive grains

Blends and yarns
Product Conductive blends

Conductive blends

Product Conductive spun yarn

Conductive spun yarn

Product Conductive heating yarn

Conductive heating yarn

Product Multifilament yarn

Durable heating yarn

Heat resistant textiles
Product Knitted fabrics

Knitted fabrics

Product Braided rope

Braided rope

Product Square braid

Square braids

Product Sleeves


Porous media
Product Bekipor non-woven media

Non-woven media

Product Porous media

Porous media

Product Hybrid nonwoven copper and PVA

Engineered porous media

Product Engineered 3D shapes

Engineered 3D shapes