Bezinal® XP coated wire for reliable, highly corrosion resistant springs

Corrosion is perceived as the primary cause of break-downs, malfunctions and premature failures. Choosing a steel wire with the right corrosion protection is therefore essential for the production of a reliable and durable spring.

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The ultimate spring wire for highly corrosive environments

Bezinal® XP is a zinc aluminum coated wire that has been especially developed for the production of spring applications that are used in highly corrosive environments such as automotive and industrial springs. Its advanced properties not only offer a most efficient corrosion resistance and cathodic protection at grinded and cut edges, the aluminum in the coating also improves the white rust protection of the spring.

No post-coating required

Bezinal® XP is also easy to process as it maintains its properties even after heavy deformation and heat exposure, eliminating the need for complex, expensive and environmentally unfriendly post-coating processes.



  • Offers exceptional corrosion resistance for an increased reliability and lifetime
  • Suitable for use in highly humid or alkaline environments
  • Provides an economic alternative to stainless steel spring applications
  • Eliminates the need for post-coating


Bulk Material C-steel
Shape Wire
Coating Bezinal®