Hard Drawn Shaped Spring Wire

Create stronger and more compact springs with Bekaert’s hard drawn shaped wire. By using square or rectangular wires, you can achieve springs that are stronger than traditional round wires and yet feature the same product properties and design. Alternatively, you can also produce lighter and smaller springs with comparable spring loadings as round wire.


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High-Quality, Custom Spring Wire

With Bekaert as your manufacturing partner, you can create springs that align with your project specs and deliver greater performance and durability than conventional spring products. Our wire products are purpose-built to offer the reliability your steering system needs. When performance is a priority, Bekaert is the spring wire manufacturer and supplier you can trust. 

Smooth Coiling

Bekaert hard drawn shaped wire consists of unalloyed, patented high-carbon wire that supports the production of highly dynamic springs. Thanks to a high level of process control, the wires feature very consistent edge radii, which prevent cracking at surface stress point and contribute to a longer fatigue-life. The smooth corner edges and stable dimensions of the wire enable a smooth coiling process.

More Design Flexibility

Due to different geometrical force distribution, shaped wire obtains higher stiffness values than round wire. As a result, these wires accommodate greater design flexibility to operate in compact spaces and enable the production of springs with optimal fill factors.

Product Range

Bekaert can apply a wide range of steel wire sizes, tensile strengths and tempers to create the ideal fatigue properties for your spring design. Our standard corner radii start at 0.15 mm, though we can manufacture smaller sizes upon request. Shapes include squares, rectangles and trapezoids. We can collaborate with your team to develop a special shape if needed.

Packaging Selection

Once we manufacture your spring wire according to project specs, we'll ship the supplies in your preferred packaging. For hard drawn spring wire, we offer Z-unit coils, metal spools and spider/stem packaging based on your specifications.

Industry Benefits

In the automotive industry, you need your components to exceed the expectations of end users. With our hard drawn spring wire in your product line, your final products will last.

Prolonged Service Life

Depending on the environment in which the spring is used, additional protection is needed. To avoid post-coating, it is possible to pre-coat the wire with Bezinal® XC if your design allows it. This advanced zinc aluminum coating of our own design provides superior long-term corrosion resistance in some of the most demanding spring applications.

This coating is well-suited to demanding spring applications where dimensional stability is a must. With Bezinal® XC, your spring wire gains a prolonged service life your end users can trust.

Common Applications and Uses

Spring wire applies to many automotive applications based on size and design. Use our wire for steering systems, drive trains, corner module components and more. Our spring wire can also suit other industries like alternative energy and heavy machinery. Our turnkey approach enables us to serve a wide range of industries.

Why Choose Bekaert as Your Spring Wire Manufacturer?

At Bekaert, we have a state-of-the-art, quality certified facility and a team of engineers and metallurgists dedicated to your project. With our advanced equipment and over 140 years of experience, our experts can deliver the wire components you need for a durable, high-performance product.

Customer service and partnership are the core of our mission. We're here to answer your questions and deliver cost-effective solutions for a range of product needs. With our commitment to rapid product development, we help your operation abide by strict timelines.

We offer excellent quality assurance with our industry-accepted testing methods and ISO 9001:2015 accreditation. To ensure the quality and effectiveness of your design, we provide prototypes before delivering your complete order. 

Bekaert is also open to co-development opportunities to form long-term partnerships with manufacturers across industries. With our ability to handle everything from design to final production under one roof, we're a valuable collaborator for your organization. 

Ask About Our Hard Drawn Wire Today

Bekaert is ready to handle your spring wire needs with our hard drawn wire techniques. Choose from a range of stock sizes or work with our team to create sizing and shapes to your specifications. Call +1 330-683-5060 to talk to an expert today or reach out online.