EMI shielding in plastics

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EMI (Electromagnetic interference) shielding is the practice of reducing the electromagnetic field in a space by reducing the power of the outgoing electromagnetic waves with a barrier based on the principle of the Faraday cage. Beki-Shield® stainless steel fibers provide high levels of electrical conductivity leading to very high shielding effectiveness.
Beki-Shield® is a stainless steel filler material used in plastic compounds to provide electrically conductive properties. It is frequently used to replace metal dye-cast in the automotive industry in order to reduce weight while still providing excellent shielding effectiveness.

It can be used as a masterbatch and has been designed for easy dispersion into the polymer matrix for injection molding (dry blend) and compounding.

Due to our extensive choice of different coatings and sizing, our Beki-Shield® grains are compatible with a large variety of different base polymers. Beki-Shield® is also available in continuous bundles.


High shielding effectiveness at low load levels

Beki-Shield® achieves shielding levels of 30 to 80 dB and prevents static build-up in plastic and rubber compounds.

Lightweight metal replacements

Rubber or thermoplastic components made with Beki-Shield® compounds, are significantly lighter and thinner compared to alternative solutions.

Compatible with any color additive

Beki-Shield® has virtually no effect on the coloring of the compound, allowing the application of almost any color.

Low impact on mechanical properties

Low impact on physical plastic properties (e.g.: IZOD impact strength)


Read our whitepaper on metal fibers in shielding

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